Parenting Issues and Child Support

Children are vulnerable to the effects of divorce and separation. Sherrey and Associates Solicitors provide expert advice on a wide range of issues including contact (access) arrangements and appropriate financial provision. We work with you to put in place the best possible arrangements for the long-term benefit of you and your children. We regularly advise parents who are seeking orders to deal with where children live and with whom they live.

One of the biggest concerns for many parents at the time of divorce or separation is the impact on their children. We have on tap highly experienced mediator and family consultants to help you come to terms with the emotional issues involved and to place their children’s needs at the heart of their decision making process when undergoing a divorce or separation.

Sometimes parents have no choice but to allow the Court to make decisions concerning their children. When this happens our legal team will work in tandem with our highly experienced partners and family consultants to provide a uniquely rounded approach ensuring our clients and their children are well prepared for the process and the outcome.