Same Sex Marriage and Civil Partnerships

Sherrey and Associates deal with all issues relating to same sex couples. This ranges from negotiating pre-marriage and pre-civil partnership agreements to negotiating divorce and the dissolution and separation process.
Since December 2005 it has been possible for same sex couples to enter into a civil partnership and since 29 March 2014 same sex couples have been able to get married.
Civil partnership is akin to a civil marriage and, in almost all respects, is legally equivalent. For example:

Civil partners enjoy the same tax treatment as
married couples
Civil partners can acquire parental responsibility for
each other’s children in the same way as married
Civil partners may adopt a child or apply for a
parental order (in respect of a surrogate child)
in the same way as a married couple
The divorce process (known as dissolution) is the
same as for divorce although the grounds
for dissolution are slightly different
Financial settlements on dissolution of a civil
partnership are the same as on divorce
Civil partnership agreements are treated in the
same way as marriage agreements (pre-nuptial